Serving Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick


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Serving Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

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The Niagara Belco Pro Dumbwaiter’s simple yet elegant design is easily incorporated into any modern structure, including both commercial and residential buildings. The 100% stainless steel cars come in standard and custom sizes. It’s automatic custom controls, drive lift chain and aluminum guide rail system are built to last and ideal for larger, heavier loads.

Our residential and commercial Niagara Belco Pro Dumbwaiter is designed for
non-passenger vertical transportation applications and is available with a max load
capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg). As with all Niagara Belco manufactured products, safety and conveniences are hallmarks of this dumbwaiter, designed for multi-level

Whether it be transporting medical supplies, prepared foods, firewood, groceries or laundry, the Niagara Belco Pro Dumbwaiter has what it takes to keep up with you.



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